Faded Glory Shoes

Faded Glory Shoes
What is the first thing that comes into your mind when you hear ‘Harley – Davidson’? I think the answer is motorbikes and black leather. Yes, Harley – Davidson bikes are sometimes unaffordable. But do not worry. A new line of Harley – Davidson branded shoes are available now that will equally make you a topic of discussion everywhere you go.  Harley – Davidson Faded Glory Shoes are not only shoes, they are your inspiration.

The popular Faded Glory Shoes comes in black, brown jeans, blue and also coveralls. They look sturdy, yet strangely attractive. These shoes are made with durable material that is sure to last. You can even wash the leather if you need to. The will keep the water out and your feet warm during the winter season. You can also wear them while working in the farm. Faded Glory Shoes feel so natural that you will hardly notice wearing them. They are available for men, women and also kids.

Harley – Davidson Faded Glory shoe for Men (8 inch) has leather upper with fully cushioned sock liner. The outsole is made of rubber, which is also oil resisting. The sock liner is present through the entire shoe. This is a shoe that will embrace your foot and give a comfortable feeling. They look like a wonderful combination of motorcycle and combat boot. They can be used as either as work Shoe or as a riding shoe. Medium 7 to 12, 13, 14, 15 and wide 7-12, 13 are the available size for them.

Harley – Davidson Faded Glory shoe for Women (6 inch) is round toe leather made shoe. The design includes a lace front with instep buckle. They are also carefully made and have the same characteristics like the male version with complete grain leather upper, cushion sock lining through the entire length and oil – resisting ability. Most consumers, who used Faded Glory shoe for Women, certified them as durable and relaxing.

Harley – Davidson Faded Glory shoe for Women also comes with added still toe. This version has the same quality of the normal one expect the reinforced steel toe. Most women buy both of them. They use the one with steel toe as work shoe and the steel less one as playing shoe.

If you are a big motorcycle fan, then there is no need to tell you about Harley – Davidson. Like their highly satisfying and highly praised motorbikes, the Faded Glory Shoes have created a stir in the industry. In my view, you will never regret buying a pair of Faded Glory Shoes.


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